Glanio’ is a work devised and developed by Marla King, Fin Jordão and Clara Rust.

It was first performed at Llandrindod Lake as an immersive, guided walk using choreographed movement to explore themes of memory, loss and connection to place. The performance was devised as public engagement with climate change, exploring our intrinsic connection to nature and the discovery of possibilities provided by multiple languages. This was timed to coincide with the Cop26 fortnight in Autumn 2021.

‘Glanio’ would not have landed without: creative Welsh translation provided by Emyr Humphreys; soundscape created by Jim Somniac using site specific sound samples; carefully sourced costumes assembled by Tegan James; choreographic support by Cai Tomos; illustrations on the route map, welcome and closing signs created by Suzy Bee using eco-friendly clay paint, recycled paper and potato starch glue; wonderful additional dancers Jodie Evans and Bethan Cooper.

Fin Jordão is a writer, creative biologist and educator on human ecology, who seeks to engage the social body with critical discourses around excess, waste and multiplicity using material metaphors.

Clara Rust a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in dance and movement practices. She takes a holistic approach, using the human body, nature, experience and connection to create and lead workshops. Clara Rust is also part of the Brecknock Arts Collective.

Marla King is a freelance dance artist, collaborator, climate justice advocate and podcaster. She works at the intersection of climate and social justice, incorporating the arts as a means to educate and explore nature connection in a more inclusive way that works to embed environmental sustainability.

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