Billie Ireland

Billie Ireland

Billie Ireland is a visual artist with a practice deeply rooted in discovery, vulnerability, and nature.

She is drawn to spiritual, ritualistic and sacrificial methods of creation, often reflecting on the power of motherhood and connection to place. 

“The Source” is a site-specific, temporary art project in three parts; 

‘The Barefoot Pilgrimage’ was a journey to the source of the Severn River, to collect water samples from the peat bogs of Plumlumon. Walking barefoot allowed Billie Ireland to connect to the sacred feminine she sees in the water, as well as the way the land has historically been used as a burial site. 

‘The Carbon Spiral’ was created by taking fallen wood from Hafren Forest, turning it into biochar, and then turning that into paint which was then applied in a spiral to the trunk of a dead tree. It forms a totem that reflects on the cycle of birth, life and death. 

‘Weaving Carbon Connection’ involved the Welsh weave pattern being cut into the turf in the meadow at Hafren Forest. This was then filled with biochar, as both a symbol linking place and use, and a meditation of carbon sequestration.

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